Das Boot

$95 $90

Put on your Das Boot and enjoy the sights, sounds and pubs of Ashburton Region.Start the day with a cold one in Ashburton then head into the country where a challenge at each pub will await you. Play a few rounds of golf and then finish of the day by chowing down on a few platters at Truck Norris Texas BBQ.

  • 9 rounds of pub golf at Methven Golf Course
  • Platters at Truck Norris Texas BBQ
  • Pub stops in Ashburton, Mt Somers, Staveley, Methven
  • Challenges at each pub
  • 1hr 30min traveling time

Coco Chanel


Release your inner Coco Chanel with The Beauty School Dropouts. Take part in an exclusive workshop where you will learn things all retro. A high tea lunch will be provided so you can eat like a vintage queen. You will also be given the opportunity to play dress up at Kabella Baby where from there you will be taken to a secret place where a photoshoot will await you.

  • Workshop + Lesson
  • Kabella Baby for Dress ups
  • High Tea Lunch
  • Photoshoot (outside and inside options)
  • 2hr 50min traveling time

Loire Valley

$130 $120

Time to be classy with a good ol fashioned wine tour. Start off at Waipara Hills with a wine tasting to cleanse your tastebuds then proceed to Pegasus Bay for a 3 course lunch and a complimentary wine tasting. So many wine tastings! Make your way back into town and stop off into the Arts Centre where you can indulge in fudge, gelato and coffee. You will be suffering from a food coma for days.

  • Tasting at Waipara Hills
  • Tasting and 3 course lunch at Pegasus Bay
  • Arts Centre (fudge cottage, gelato, café)
  • 4hr traveling time

Adulting 101

$80 $65

Don’t know what to do with your life? Suffering from adulthood? Cant adult? This is the tour for you! Featuring a special guest you will be fulfilled with lessons, techniques and ideas to help you get through the horrors of adulthood. Learn how to pour a beer, make cookies and cocktails, banking games, dining ettiquete, gardening and so much more. You will be a grown up in no time.

  • Banking games/political system
  • Pour a beer and make a simple cocktail
  • Change a tyre/ load a trailer safely
  • Planting
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Make and bake some cookies
  • 2hr traveling time

Moulin Rouge

$110 $120

Bring out the sexy, confident person in you with a day of learning things all Moulin Rouge. First up is a class of Burlesque to really get your booty shaking which you will then move on to a very exciting lesson of Lap Dancing where you will get to learn all the moves on a chair or that special someone. You will make your way to a cocktail class to finish the day off where a bartender will show the ways of making incredible drinks.

  • Lap Dancing class
  • Burlesque class
  • Cocktail class
  • 3hr traveling time

Tour de France

$110 $125

C’est la vie! Enjoy of day being French in Akaroa. Begin the day with a fantastic kayak around the Akaroa harbour looking at the breath taking scenery. Once finished pop over to the Alpaca Farm where there are.. Yup you guessed it, Alpacas and over 100 of them! Enjoy a tour around the farm where you will get to hang out and even take them for a walk. Take it back to the township where you will enjoy a game of mini golf and can then explore and taste some homemade fudge before heading back to site.

  • Sea Kayaking on the harbour
  • Farm Tour with alpacas
  • Mini Golf
  • Explore township
  • 4hr traveling time

James Cook

$110 $120

Time to see the city at its finest! First on the list is a ride up the Gondola to have a view of the whole city then we will move on to a tram ride which will take you through the city centre where you can see the redevelopment and progress of Christchurch. You will then enjoy the calm and serenity of the Avon River where a session of punting on the river awaits you complete with a tour guide. Top it off with a walk through the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

  • Travel up the gondola
  • Tram through the city
  • Punting on the avon
  • Lunch at Botanical Gardens
  • Explore City Centre
  • 3hr traveling time

Mt Olympus

$350 $345

Time to get the adrenaline pumping with some white water rafting on the Rangitata River. Once all nice and dry then you will be taken up to the sky for a beautiful scenic flight so that you can appreciate the beauty of the country in which we are in. After a nice long lunch relax in the hot springs of Tekapo before heading back to Ashburton.

  • Rafting on the Rangitata River
  • Scenic Flight from Peel Forest
  • Tekapo Hot Springs
  • 4hr 30min traveling time

Mind Body Soul

$95 $105

Breathe in, breathe out. That’s the key to this tour. Try out some laughing yoga where yes, the whole time you will be laughing. After you have collected yourself and wiped away the happy tears you will have the opportunity to release you inner artist as a stone carver. Maybe you will make a bird, a spiral, a star. Who knows, its up to you! Got a sore muscle, never fear! You will then be put to the test where you will learn things all massage. Don’t worry clothes will be kept on and it will all be professional.

  • Laughing yoga class
  • Stone carving lesson
  • Massage lesson
  • 2hr 40min traveling time


$170 $150

Time to explore the area that is Tekapo and Twizel! Try out some group games that uses Segways and try to be co ordinated by not falling over then bring it back into the township of Tekapo where you will get to see the area from a new height up at the Mt John Observatory. After looking at the beauty around you it’s time for a nosy around the shops and then to finish it all off you get to soak your stresses away in the Tekapo Hot Springs

  • Segway games
  • Soak in Tekapo Hot Springs
  • Explore Tekapo
  • Mt John Observatory
  • 4hr 45min traveling time

Go a Romeing

$75 $85

Breathe in that fresh air! Rub some mud on your face! Cuddle a sheep! A Clysdale Horse wagon ride awaits you where you can see the country from a new angle and if your lucky you will get to shear a sheep whilst having a tour of a good ol country farm. You will then get to have lunch on the land where part of Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers was filmed. Once finished being a movie star drive on down to Geraldine to explore the cute little town where the famous Barkers jam, sauces and chutneys are created, you might even get a tasting thrown in there!

  • Clysdale Wagon ride
  • Shear a sheep
  • Have lunch at Lord of the Rings area
  • Explore Geraldine including the Barkers Shop
  • 4hr traveling time


$100 $75

Put on your tramping boots to take part in a walk up one of the more iconic tracks in the Mt Somers area. You will begin at the Woolshed Creek carpark and make your way up to the “Bus Stop”, a famous marking on the side of the rockface. Please note there wont be any buses passing through. To top it all off you will get to soak you sore muscles in the Tekapo Hot Springs.

  • Walk the Woolshed Creek Hut to the Woolshed Creek Carpark (2hr each way)
  • Soak at Tekapo Hot pools
  • 4hr travelling time