What is Moot?

A 'moot' is a gathering of Rovers. The term was first coined by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, in a letter to Percy Bantock Nevill who organised the first moot, held in London back in 1926. The word ‘moot’ is an Old English word meaning assembly or gathering.

The National Moot is the Rover sections premier event, held annually over Easter weekend, each event is situated in a different part of the country. The programme is organised around the three tenets of rovering: service, social and self-development. So you can expect moot to be an action-packed, fun-filled adventure. Typical activities include:

  • Service project - take part in an amazing community project.
  • Tour day - spend the day off-site on one of a number of adventurous tours with which to challenge yourself; or take it easy and spend the day on a relaxing tour instead.
  • Costume parties - Each night there is a themed costume party with live bands, DJs or other entertainment.
  • Shooting Trophy - Spend the afternoon at different bases, completing interesting challenges and fun games, as you compete for the prestigious Shooting Trophy.
  • Sporting events - Compete in some sporting events including a cross-country and a tug-o war.

Moot is also an opportunity to reward Rovers for their yearlong contribution to Rovers, Scouting in general and the community. Often those who have excelled throughout the year will be recognised in front of their peers, and it is a wonderful opportunity to come together for everyone.

Who is eligible? Any Full Rover, Associate or Squire in a NZ Rover Crew, as well as Young Leaders under 26 in both Scouting and Guiding. We also welcome international participants, as Rovers or Young Leaders (under 26) in their home association.